Welcome to Playfo

Playfo is amazing, awesome, beautiful, great, incredible, really nice and unbelievable game development studio from Ukraine!
Our team is making fun, creative and outstanding games!
All your base are belong to us!

Playfo facts:

  • We are based in Nikolaev, Ukraine
  • Our team is 10 people
  • 10% ouf our team are females
  • We have 2 Alexanders and 2 Andrews in our team
  • We drink more tea than coffee
  • Our Tap the Frog games are downloaded more than 15 million times
  • Total time spent in Tap the Frog: Doodle for iOS by our players is more than 1555 years
  • Our games was used for education in some of USA schools
  • Some crazy fan made tatoo with our frog character